Strategic Commerce Partnership Struck

Silva Aceituno Group - Global Development Experts - Port of Houston TXThe Silva Aceituno Group Partners with Containerization Firm


Houston, TX, January 26, 2015– The Silva Aceituno Group, a Lynchburg, VA based firm, has come to an agreement with long time vendor/client D. Equipment Repairs, a major containerization firm for the port of Houston.

“We’ve worked with Dirk and his team for many years. Creating a partnership was a natural step to provide higher quality deliverables to our clients and provide better analytics for D.E.R.” – Diego Silva Aceituno

By integrating a strategic logistics point, all international clientele for The Silva Aceituno Group will have access to priority loading and wholesale pricing for 20, 40, and 45 foot containers. Additionally, The Silva Aceituno Group will be able to provide a wider range of consolidation options while lowering the overall cost of equipment storage.

This partnership goes along with Diego Silva Aceituno’s plan to create strategic international commerce waypoints throughout the United States, specifically targeting firms that can provide consolidation, equipment repairs, and containerization. Houston, Texas marks the first of three targeted locations for FY 2015. It is expected that this year will also include a partnership with both an East and West Coast firm.

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