Happy New Year!

    As we come to a close to 2014, we look back at a year that was full of accomplishments and joys for our clients, our family, and our firm. A year that required tremendous efforts and gave tremendous achievements.

    In 2014 we congratulate those who started new businesses, new lives, and new families. We congratulate those few titans of industry that grew ethically and closed the gap to sustainability. We congratulate our new clients on trusting their business development to us. We congratulate our continuing clients, whom this year grew faster & leaner than all the previous years of service we’ve offered. And we congratulate our former clients, who have come, grown, and gone into new levels of success – we look forward to serving you again.

    2015 will bring new and exciting challenges that will, always, give us opportunities to improve the world. It has been our privilege serving you in 2014. We wish you, your family, and your businesses – a happy and prosperous New Year.

Very Bests,

Diego M. Silva Aceituno